General Installations

Sistem Car accompanies you throughout the production process of each line:

We take care of the design, commissioning, follow-up and supervision of each assembly. Our objective is to stick to each project as far as possible and ensure that the established requirements are met.

  • Soundproofing
  • Centralised fume and solid aspiration
  • High- and low-pressure hydraulic and pneumatic installations
  • Disassembly and relocation
  • Industrial heating and ventilating
  • Safety fences
  • Ducts and chimneys
  • Filtration
  • White rooms
  • Preventive and general maintenance
  • Filling and measurement
  • Dispensing of single- and multi-component materials
  • Extensive range of viscosities and mixing ratios
  • Application of foams, putties, glues, silicones, butyls, etc.
  • Normal- and customised-design dispensing valves
  • Application and special process engineering